Custom Order

Our handmade byzantine icons are created in our workshop in Mystras. Besides ordering from the available icons, you can order a new icon, either from our past collection or a depiction of your own choosing.

If you want to order an icon that is no longer available, or an icon not currently found in our collection at all, please fill in this form. You can fill in the unique code of the icon that you liked, or its name. If it is not found in our collection, please write the name of the Saint or the depiction you would like to order (for example Saint Nicolas or The Crucifixion).

You can also fill in the size and shape of the wood, and if you want the background to be covered in gold leaf or just the halo to be covered in gold leaf.

If you don’t find these options useful, please fill in your message in the available box.

    If you want to create a specific product, you can enter the code here

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